the slayer workshop

Performances / concerts / workshops 

 May - June

31st May, 01, 02 June
(performance) for Lara Kramer @ FTA, Montréal

June 18 - 27
Stranger within 
Residency with Mia Habib @SITE, Stockholm
4- 17
Scene:Bluss, The Hellmouth Edition

July - August 
July 9 to 13
Windigo (performance) for Lara Kramer with Peter James @Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver
July 30 - 31
The concept and the idiot (workshop) @Impulstanz, Vienna
August 1 to 6
Ghost Dancer (workshop) @Impulstanz, Vienna

Recent past events:                                                                                                                                                                                

14 - 16th
The concept and the idiot theory workshop@ Fadjr Festival, Teheran
17 - 20th
ghost dancer sound art workshop@ Fadjr Festival, Teheran
Laundry of legends  solo performance@ Fadjr Festival, Teheran
Minor Matter, sound design for Ligia Lewis@ Pannuhalli, Helsinki 
Stranger within, performances in collaboration with Mia Habib@ Black box festival, Oslo
30, 31
Minor Matter, sound design for Ligia Lewis @La Villette, Festival 100%, Paris, France 

Minor Matter, sound design for Ligia Lewis @Teatro Municiapal do Porto, Portugal
The slayer workshop @ My Wild Flag festival, Stockholm
Art / performance lab in collaboration with Marie Ursin, Tamara Alegre, Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, Alexandra Tveit.
18th to the 22nd 
A song to @ Trondheim Bastard Festival, Norway
Dramaturgy and sound installation for Mia Habib
2nd to the 6th of October
A stranger within @ Alta, Norway
Research and series of house performances - collaboration with Mia Habib 8th to the 29th of October
rehearsals forWindigo @ L'usine C + outdoors, Montreal Canada - by Lara Kramer and Peter James
Minor Matter, Ligia Lewis TANZ NRW Dusseldorf
13th to 19th of March
Challenging rituals - Zürich Moves! Lab, a collaboration with Simone Aughterlony + 10 artists 
Modern Tate Live exhibition  - Sound design for Minor Matter by Ligia Lewis
6th to 8th
Écume Nerveuse (Nervous Foam) - Sound Installation / Performance at Kampnagel Hamburg commissioned by Arkadi Zaides
20th to 26th
A stranger within - Artistic research and series of performances / documentation in situ with Mia Habib in the North of Norway (Tromso area) 28th & 29th
Minor Matter
Donau music festival sound design for Minor Matter by Ligia Lewis 
14 May -  2 June
curated by Barbara Raes and HAU - associated artist
performances, research, lectures, presentations with Nathalie Bikoro, Claudia Hill, Jassem Hindi, Jasmin İhraç, Ligia Lewis, Maria Scaroni, Mieko Suzuki, Oliver Zahn @HAU Berlin
14th - 17th
Performance workshop (around Buffy the Vampire Slayer) @ Grenland Friteater - Scene: Bluss festival, Porsgrunn, Norway
July - August
29th & 30th
Philosophy workshop @ Impulstanz, Vienna 31st to 4th
Sound workshop for performers @ Impulstanz, Vienna
Dates TBC
meadow, meadow, meadow @ Impulstanz, Vienna
collective performance with Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Jassem Hindi, Ruairí Donovan, Cathy Walsh                                    
November - December
meadow, meadow, meadow at IceHot Copenhagen
with Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Cathy Walsh, Ruairi Donovan, Jassem Hindi (authors / performers)
future friend/ships at Counterpulse San Francisco
research, workshop and performance with Keith Hennessy
Minor Matter at American Realness New York
sound support for Ligia Lewis
Sound piece for Ulla Riikka Mäkinene at Decameron festival - Outokumpu, Finland. 
3rd - 4th
A song to - Tanz im August Berlin
Dramaturgy and sound installation for Mia Habib
- future friend/ships gallery version
with Keith Hennessy and Eoghan Ryan
Fundaçao Serralves - Porto October
3rd to 15th
Research with Lara Kramer at l'Usine C Montreal 
24th to 28th 
Ghost Dancer (workshop) at Studio 303 Montreal
8th - 10th June
A song to Theater Freiburg
Dramaturgy and sound installation for Mia Habib
16th - 19th June
Körper ohne Macht - Uzès Dance
Sound installation for Angela Schubot
23th - 24th July
The concept and the idiot - Impulstanz Vienna
Philosophy workshop
25th - 29th July
Ghost Dancer - Impulstanz Vienna
Sound in performance workshop
March 21st - April 11th
28th - 30th April
Sound design for Kat Vàlastur
future friend/ships - performance duet with Keith Hennessy
American Realness / New York - January 9, 10, 12

Blow Boys Blow - performance by Dennis Dieter for seven sailors

Ufer Studios / Berlin - dates TBA

Feb 27th
collective exhibition "The Dunmore Caves" at Gallery Yvonne Lambert Berlin
"The Betrayer" - Drawing + solo performance
Feb 28th
 3AM - performances / Berlin
curatorial team
with and by Ruairi Donovan, Mica Sigourney, Louise Trueheart, Cathy Walsh, Rachel Dichter, Larry Arrington, Jassem Hindi
Zurich moves / - dates TBA

Turbulence, a dance about the economy - with Keith Hennessy (choreographer / performer) Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Julie Phelps, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman + guests 
HAU / Berlin - November 17 & 18
Black box / Oslo - November 12 & 13
Körper ohne Macht (body without power) - dance solo by Angela Schubot
micro psycho-acoustics and field recordings by jassem hindi
HAU / Berlin December 4, 5, 6, 7
Live Arts Festival - Kampnagel / Hamburg
1st - 7th 
Hamamness - Almost - with Keith Hennessy
10th - 12th  
Chronic / Arab Star Trek with Keith Hennessy, Kampnagel / Hamburg
Arab futurism, science fiction, Donna Haraway, Arab poetry, child dances, bird dances - Choreography and Protest
25th - 26th 
The concept and the idiot workshop - DanceWeb, Impulstanz / Vienna
27th - 31st 
Ghost Dancer workshop - DanceWeb, Impulstanz / Vienna August - September
Dramaturgy for "A song to Oslo" by Mia Habib - produced by Oslo Dansens Hus
Studio practice (dates TBA) with Valentina Desideri - Göteborg
Zombies - performance - with Mica Sigourney Weaver, Larry Arrington, Cathy Walsh, Louise Trueheart, Ruairi Donovan - by Ruairi Donovan - CounterPulse / San Francisco

13th - 26th 

meadow, meadow, meadow - Ruairi Donovan, Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Cathy Walsh and many others - Zodiak / Helsinki

12th METZ @ Théatre du Saulcy
14th BESANCON @ Atelier de l'étoile
15th GENEVE @ Cave 12
17th LAUSANNE @ L'Oblo
20th BERLIN @ Ausland
6th - 7th / 13th - 14th Zombies - why death is dying or are you working hard enough with Louise Trueheart, Mica Sigourney, Larry Arrington, Cathy Walsh, Ruaìri Donovan at Fringe Festival , Dublin
28th - 01.10 Conditio Humana with Jan Rohwedder, Christopher Hahn, Camilla Vetters,Miguel Álvarez-Fernández at KIT Gallery - DüsseldorfOctober
1st - 5th Back Mountain College - PAF, France

14th - Verra la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi / Death will come and it will have your eyes - Concerts - Solo/Duo/Trio with Alessio Castelacci and Alessandra Eramo at Acker Palast - Berlin

8th - 12th Workshop with Keith Hennessy - Queer / Idiot at Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrum Tanz - Berlin
12th - ALMOST - Performance with Keith Hennessy at Ausland, Berlin 
with Zinzi Buchanan, Hana Lee Erdman, Keith Hennessy, Alice Chauchat at TanzFabrik BerlinMay
30th of April and 1st of May at Donau Festival, Krems
Turbulence (a dance about the economy) with Keith Hennessy (choreographer / performer) Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Julie Phelps, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman + guests
2nd and 3rd of May Workshop/ Audition for "A song to..." with and by Mia Habib at Dansens Hus, Oslo
25th of May at RUG / Berlin Pagan Leopards (performance) with Keyon Gaskin June
7th and 8th of June at Theater der Welt, Mannheim
Turbulence (a dance about the economy) with Keith Hennessy (choreographer / performer) Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Julie Phelps, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman + guests
13th, 14th and 15th of June My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder (performance+ sound installation)
by Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg at Københavns Musikteater - Denmark
21st of June Murder Dance (performance) Ireland, Cork with and by Ruairi Donovan, Cathy Walsh, Jassem Hindi at Firkin Crane, Cork. 
14th - 27th / Research in Oslo for "A song to..." with Mia Habib
2014 August
4 - 8 Ghost Dancer Impulstanz / DanceWeb Workshop  
12 - 31st  Ponderosa choreography / composition workshop with S. Maher and M. F.Scaroni.
30th Olivier Di Placido + Jassem Hindi at Flussi Festival / Avelino, ItalyApril
18th - Hindi+Küchen - Maria Küchen (voice, poetry), Martin Küchen (saxophone, objects), Jassem Hindi (mixing board, objects) at Poplar, Berlin.
20th to 25th - My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder (performance)
by Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg at Københavns Musikteater - Denmark
26th - Concerts
Hindi + Küchen (Jassem + Martin + Maria) / Amplified Arabs (Hindi + Riis) at Do-store - Malmö
6th - These Children Singing in Stones (performance)
by Hana Lee Erdman and Jassem Hindi at Ausland - Berlin
25th - Concert - Di Placido + Hindi at Loophole - Berlin
2nd - Concert with Olivier Di Placido
at Madame Claude, Berlin - echtzeitmusik.de/
6th - 7th - at CounterPulse, San Francisco -
Almost (performance) with Keith Hennessy
These little children singing in stones (performance) with Hana Lee Erdman
Enemy in the Figure (concert - experimental doom) with Hana Lee Erdman
23rd - Concert with Jakob Riis (max/msp)
featuring Johnny Chang & D'incise - Poplar Berlin - echtzeitmusik.de/
25th to 30th - Black Mountain College meetings - Performing Arts Forum (P.A.F.), France

Duo with Axel Dörner (trumpet + electronics) / 6th of September / Ausland Berlin

Turbulence (a dance about the economy) / 26th to 28th of September / Kampnagel Hamburg

with Keith Hennessy (choregraph / performer) Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Julie Phelps, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman + guests


The concept and the idiot / Impulstanz + DanceWeb Workshop / 3rd and 4th of August, Vienna / Porch 3 / Ponderosa 12th to 31st of August


Almost (Keith Hennessy + Jassem Hindi) / 25th of July / Full Moon Festival / Finland


Tremor (sound installation / performance) - with Sebastian Matthias - 4th of May at Schwankhalle Bremen

Messmer (sound&performance) - with Jeremy Wade - 10th of May in Dresden / 17th of May - at Theater Freiburg / 23 & 24th of May at the Spring dance festival - Utrecht

Killing Lincoln (performance) - with Georg Hobmeier - 27th & 28th of May at the Gnarl Festival - Lincoln

Enemy in the Figure - (doom concert) with Hana Lee Erdman  at TeaterOen / Asterions Hus- Copenhagen 
Solo - 25th of March at Trash Vortex / Paris  
Messmer - 26th of March at La Gaîté Lyrique / Paris
Jeremy Wade & Jassem Hindi - sound / performance
Side Step Festival / Helsinki:
Workshop: Queer failure with Keith Hennessy / 02 - 08 Feb.
Performance: ALMOST with Keith Hennessy / 08 Feb.
Solo 16th of Feb. at Gallery ex Futura - performance with a moving wall 
American Realness / New York:
Turbulence (a dance about the economy) - 11th to 13th of Jan. / Abrons arts center
with Keith Hennessy (choregraph / performer) Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Julie Phelps, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman + guests
... or and animal - 14th and 15th of Jan. / Abrons Arts center
Improvisation around Pier Paolo Pasolini
with Chris Cochrane, Jennifer Rosenblith, Enrico Wey
mycastle - 13th of Jan. / Abrons arts center / AUNTS night 
Doom performance project based on Iranian singer Delkash.
with Hana Lee Erdman + guest
Turbulence tour:
Sep 9-15, Portland, PICA's TBA Festival
Sep 16-23, Seattle, Velocity Dance Center
Sep 25-29, San Francisco, YBCA
Sep 30-Oct 7, New York, NYLA (formerly DTW)
Workshops at Impulstanz, Vienna
Potential Shamanism, by Keith Hennessy (sound by J. Hindi) / July 30 - August 3
Structure and stutter (workshop on concept manipulation) Intensiv series / August 4 - 5
Implications, sonic and otherwise, by J.Hindi and K. Hennessy Coaching project series / August 6 - 10
Impulstanz festival, Vienna / August 8 - 9
with and by Sebastian Matthias, Isaac Spencer, Lisanne Goodhue
(political performance project)
with Keith Hennessy (choregraph / performer) Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Julie Phelps, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman + guests
Pontempeyrat: July 9 - 21
Ponderosa(Germany): July 23 - 28
(sound installation for Tremor by Sebastian Mattias) with Isaac Spencer, Lisanne Goodhue and Liz Waterhouse
Oct. 26 - 27th / Theater Freiburg
Improvised duo with Su-Mi Jang (dance)
Oct. 26th / Jackson Pollock bar / Freiburg 
Duo with Magda Mayas (piano, clavinet, objects)
KuLe, Labor Sonor, Berlin - 30th of April
Taktfrei festival, -able gallery - 26th of May
Wallen (dance / sound)
With and by Sebastian Matthias, Isaac Spencer, Deborah Hofstetter, Lisanne Goodhue, Jan Ackenhausen
Kampnagel Hamburg, 3 - 11th of May (Première)
Sophiensaele, Berlin 28th - 31st of May
Dampfzentrale, Bern 8 - 10th of June
Solo at Tiefgrund / (+Penelopex & Terror and Horror) 9th march, 9pm Laskerstrasse 5, Berlin.
Axel Dörner + Jassem Hindi / Corvo record release party at Naherholung Sternchen, 15th of March, Berlin.
Wallen (with Sebastian Matthias) Hamburg, residency in Berlin and Hamburg during March and April. Première 3rd of May at Kampnagel + tour - Germany / Switzerland / Poland.
Almost / performance with Keith Hennessy at American Realness festival 12, 13th of Jan. New York.
Paris Tape run / Record release party / Crowd concerts at Instants Chavirés. 27th of January, Paris.
Tremor / performance - installation work for Sebastian Mathias. Tanzplatform, 25th and 26th of February, Dresden.
Duo with Xavier Lopez, Trash Vortex, Paris, 9th of September
Duo with Axel Dörner, recording residency at EMS 3rd / 13th Sept, Concert at SoS Festival, 18th of October, Stockholm
We Insist + Jane Jin Kaisen, residency at Republique theater: 19th sept-27th of Oct. Performances: 28thOctober to 3rd of November, Copenhagen, Republique theater.
We Insist + Jane Jin Kaisen in Munich, 22-26 of November
Duo with Keith Hennessy, 27th of November Poznan, Poland / 29th of November, Berlin Spohiensaele
Workshop with Keith Hennessy and friends @ Ponderosa and Impulstanz / preparative work for Turbulence (by Keith Hennessy) 26th of July > 12th of August 2011
Duo with Axel Dörner, 11th of June 2010, Able Gallery Berlin.
Duo with Olivier Di Placido, 8th of June 2010, So Wie So Berlin
Dating my blindness,when Turbulence crew meets AADK (Laura Arrington, Christine Bonansea, Jorge De Hoyos, Rachael Dichter, Hana Erdman, Ara Glenn-Johanson, Jesse Hewitt, Jassem Hindi, Emily Leap, Alicia OhsFabulous, Julie Phelps, Andres Agudelo Ganem, Jochen Arbeit, Anders Bigum, Thierry Decottignies, Abraham Hurtado, Peter Pleyer, Vania Rovisco, Maria F. Scaroni, Anton Unai)
Duo with Olivier Di Placido, 11th of May, Able Gallery Berlin
Duo with my Keith Hennessy - Marseilles May 2011
Walz'r - 8th to the 16th of April 2010 at Kampnagel, Hamburg.
Kelvin Zero + Quentin Dubost - 30th of April at the Trash Vortex, Paris.
Tremor - 9th of May at Sophiensaele 2011 , Berlin

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