Workshop: Idiot / Concept

The concept and the idiot -

The idea behind this workshop is a general introduction to the manipulation of concepts - specifically the ones generated by contemporary philosophy.

Our landscape is the historical tension between the concept and the body. It is a history threaded by knowledge and violence - but there is more to explore.

We will be accompanied in this workshop by the idea of a glorified idiot - a character traveling the world of concepts while holding on to the queerness of her/his/their body. 

We will navigate though these capricious waters using the following lines:
- “The laws of hospitality - a strategy"
- “Witchcraft, friendship and science fiction: what is experimental knowledge?” 

We are continuously using displays of concepts to justify our work, or as a "choreographic” tools. We are pressured into concept related questions and ideologies. The purpose of this workshop is to consider theory as a practice by itself.

 This is an open research for us all. We will draw maps, play games, talk, time travel, and make micro dances. Bring some pencils and some idiotic ideas.

Bibilography (no need to read anything before!): 
Levi-Strauss / Lacan / Chatelet / Negarestani / Phelan / Derrida / Merleau-Ponty / Meillassoux / Deleuze / Heidegger / Jameson / Michelet / Spinoza / Min-Ha / Haraway...

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