Axel Dörner & Jassem Hindi

LP /  Corvo Records

"The listener is beckoned into the quiet – encouraged to creep into the
absence and perceive the sound close up (...) The tension is agonising and delightful." ATTN Magazine

"Dargebotene Musique Concrète besticht vor allem durch ihren
Abwechslungsreichtum, wofür sich die eingesetzten Utensilien
Verantwortlich zeigen, aber auch die handwerkliche Klasse von Axel Dörner & Jassem Hindi, wodurch “waterkil” in alle Richtungen (noisig, organisch, usw.) divergiert." Kulturterrorismus

"Magnifique rencontre qui efface toute notion d'instrument, de geste, de
musique (?) pour développer un champ magnétique qui attire autant le son
 que le silence." Metamkine
Axel Dörner & Jassem Hindi live at ABLE Gallery, Berlin summer 2010.   Dörner & Hindi live @ Able / test mix by jassemhindi

Oliver Di Placido & Jassem Hindi

"Before I throw the word “sound artist” in here, let me just say that
this stuff is exciting to me, which I cannot say about most of the stuff
 I would tag with that. I cannot find a better expression, however – so
be it. Regardless if you are familiar with the Echtzeitmusik scene or
not, you should in all honesty see these two play together." Cesip Xynic

  Amplified Arabs. Linemen (excerpt) from the album "Trunking" (Clinical Archives records)

  Amplified Arabs. Linemen (excerpt) - Hindi&Riis by jassemhindi

Shipwreck Serenade, Excerpt from the album "Attrition" by Kelvin Zero (Basile Ferriot + Jassem Hindi)

  Shipwreck serenade by Kelvin Zero with Basile Ferriot by jassemhindi

Repeat / Anger / Surrender (excerpt) - cut for the solo performance Close Up by Lucie Eidenbenz

  Repeat / Anger / Surrender by jassemhindi   Repeat / Anger (excerpt) by jassemhindi

Drone used for WE INSIST - Black Box

  Solo ventilo by jassemhindi

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