Future Friend/Ship

by Keith Hennessy and Jassem Hindi. Arab futurism, science fiction, politics of friendship, galactic hospitality, female arab poetry, donna haraway, nervous birds. 

Turbulence (a dance about the economy)
(group performance project)
with Keith Hennessy (choregraph / performer) Julie Phelps (questioner), Jassem Hindi (sound), Emily Leap (aerialist) and dance/performance makers Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewit, Jorge de Hoyos, Hana Lee Erdman, Keyon Gaskin


Performance / political circus / angry queer devil dance
with Keith Hennessy

Enemy in the Figure
Iranian female poetry doom band
with Hana Lee Erdman + Magda Mayas / Eitan Efrat / Tony Buck / Keyon Gaskin / Gabrielle Cameron / Julie Phelps / Keith Hennessy and many others

(dance / sound)
With and by Sebastian Matthias, Isaac Spencer, Deborah Hofstetter, Lisanne Goodhue, Jan Ackenhausen

(sound installation for a dance piece)
With and by Sebastian Matthias, Isaac Spencer, Lisanne Goodhue
(performance / visual project)
with Mia Habib - Rani Nair - Jane Jin Kaisen
(performance project)
with Rani Nair - dance performer maker

(performance & research project)
with Rani Nair & Mia Habib

(performance & research project)
with Sarah Beth Percival, Corrine Skaff, Eitan Eifrat, Sirah Voighel Brutmann

trumpet and electronics

Trio with Emmanuel Rabu and Basile Ferriot 
Poetry and advanced drum kit

(prepared guitar, pick ups)

Trio with Maria Küchen & Martin Küchen
Poetry and saxophone

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